The Team

For the time being, four people have gathered to form the core group of the MG Friends In Motion. These are:

Marina Gourdin
from Belgium, near Brussels. Marina has been very active in the international scene and has organised a great many of international meetings.

Marina drives one of the rarest MG TFs, a Vintage Racing, No. 14 of 30 produced in total

Adrian Clifford
from Essex, England. Adrian used to serve as the international liaison officer of the MG Car Club’s MGF/TF Register for many years. He has been to hundreds of places across Europe and knows international touring by heart.

Adrian owns another Special Edition of the TF, an 80th Anniversary.

Colin Murrell
from Bristol, England. Colin has taken over Adrian’s office as international representative of the MGF/TF Register. He is also known everywhere for attending every possible international event.

Colin drives a late model MG TF, a ZT 260 V8 ... and another ZT as daily driver (Diesel, haha!)

Michael Benecke
from Schwalmtal in the Far West of Germany. Michael has only been infected by the MG virus in late 2010 but has become an absolute maniac about the cars and the marque of friendship.

Michael has an MG ZR (with tow bar!) as daily driver and a Monogram TF in Spectre for the summer. 

Håkan Sigemark
originally from Sweden, since 2015 he lives near Alicante, Spain. He has been interested in MGs since he was 15. For MGCC Sweden he was responsible for EEOTY 2012. He’s the MGF Register representative in Scandinavia and Spain and member of several clubs in Europe.

Håkan owns two unique MG, one is MG TF 160 Vintage Racing 24/30  2005 and also the pictured MGTF 135 prototype No 4 from 2007.



They are joined by the local organisers af each event who will be responsible for the actual route layouts, choice of places to eat and landmarks to visit.