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About the Event

Here you will find basic information about the regions we were driving and – also important – about who joined us.

Although there were a lot of people attending (almost 60 cars), nobody had to worry about getting lost or having to concentrate on the next direction point more than just enjoying to drive through beautiful areas. As we were driving in guided groups, everybody was able to enjoy the scenery in a relaxed manner and concentrate on the great routes.

Each day, two or three different groups had been organised to suit everybody’s personal driving style. There were one or two groups for the more relaxed drivers, who would like to spend some more time looking around the area. The remaining group was aimed at the sporty folks, who love to put the foot down a bit harder – without overdoing it of course, as it’s still a tour, not a race.

But the most important part was to get together with people from all over Europe and have good fun.

Basic ideas of all MGFIMs:

About the costs: 

You simply pay for your own expenses, like meals and drinks or whatever else you need. You are also asked to book the accommodation on your own account, the links are posted on the registration page.

Don’t speak German?  

Don’t worry about any language barrier – there will be many people around who speak your mother tongue and can help you out.


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