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Routes and Places

Friday, 16 August Saturday, 17 August Sunday, 18 August

For those who arrived early enough:

Meeting point was on the Park&Ride area in Waldlaubersheim on the motorway A61.

Meeting time 1400 hrs, start 1430 hrs

Finish at the NH hotel in Bingen around 1730 hrs


All others were requested to come to the hotel directly and join everybody else for dinner at 1900 hrs.

Breakfast at the Hotel, we had to make sure to depart there early enough, as the meeting was again at the P&R in Waldlaubersheim.

Meeting time 0900 hrs, start from 0930 hrs

The route was then driven in different groups (sporty and scenic) and we would meet each other:
– for lunch around noon (Hotel Ostermann)
– to visit the Marksburg around 1500 hrs 

Return at the hotel was scheduled for 1830 hrs

Dinner time 2000 hrs.

As on Saturday, we met at the familiar P&R at 0930 hrs and set off from there from 1000 hrs.

Lunch was held around noon at Schlosshotel Rockenhausen

There was another break at the Donnersberg mountain at 1400 hrs, where some of the group had to depart.

The MGFIM officially finished at 1700 hrs, leaving some time for a final get-together.


Routes to drive

Once again, Lutz and Jochen had traced nice roads to drive along, from the banks of the river Rhine to the world famous vineyards of the Mosel, Nahe and Rheingau area. From bendy roads to ferry crossings, we could enjoy the absolute best this part of Germany has to offer. Just naming it "Hunsrücktour" falls far short from the reality: Indeed there was a lot more than just the Hunsrück ranges to be seen.






It was great that we could be assured that all efforts had been taken to make it a pleasant event without any hassles. All the routes had been cross-checked just before the event, thus eliminating the risk of any road works or public festivals getting in the way. 

Some minor issues naturally happened, but in the end we could all rely on each other, even a broken alternator was quickly fixed before starting on Saturday. And if something wasn't 100 percent, we will take this as a learning experience for the future.






Places to see

Although that’s what you originally come here for, driving is not the only activity of the weekend. There are also places to visit and – not the least – a couple of buffets to take good care of. On the Saturday, a castle is waiting to be visited, on Sunday, everyone is invited to tke a stroll on the highest mountain peak of the Palatinate, the Donnersberg.

Here are some impressions of the landmarks to be seen ... and the restaurants to be raided:

The Marksburg   Restaurant Ostermann
Restaurant Schlosshotel   The Donnersberg

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