Event Agenda

Thursday, May 25th

If you would like to join us on the guided city tour, please meet us at 05.30PM in the lobby of the hotel. You will be brought to the center of the city where our tour will start at 06.00PM. 


Friday, May 26th

We are starting the first official day of this international event with a welcome and short briefing in the conference room of the hotel at 09.00AM. You will also receive the road book for today. We planned to have an on-the-spot cooked pizza at 12.00AM and join at 01.00PM for the tour at the water production center Kluizen (both venues are in walking distance of each other). The second part of the road book will bring you back to the hotel via nice, fun, lovely and sometimes less-fun but required roads. Enough time is foreseen, so you will arrive in time to enjoy a drink and the food pairing (dinner) in the hotel (starts between 06.00PM and 07.00PM).


Saturday, May 27th

At 09.30AM we have our daily briefing and handover of the road books in the conference room of the hotel. This will allow you to drive safely the tulip rally and arrive at the car museum for the BBQ (01.00PM). Our guide will tell and show us all, starting at 02.00PM. We would suggest to leave the museum at 04.00PM-ish. This will allow you to drive safely and comfortable back to the hotel and be well in time for dinner (07.30PM).

Small note: it is quiet chilly in the museum, so be prepared.


Sunday, May 28th

More people are joining us today. Registration for the day and handover of the road book is happening at the welcome desk of the hotel (or outside in front of the hotel, depending on the weather) between 09.30AM and 10.30AM. It is a very short drive (only a few minutes) to the museum where we can all easily meet, have another cup of coffee and enjoy the exhibition. Leave for the tour when you wish, a couple of situations down in the road book you will receive your picknick.

We are expecting you at the finish by 04.30PM so we can officially close the event at 05.00PM.