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About the Event

One Step Beyond – MGFIM ’17 is going to Belgium.

So it’s been Holland once, Germany twice. After visiting the MG native home last year, we are now back on the Continent to enjoy the next edition of an event that has become kind of a tradition now.

This year the MG Car Club Antwerp are preparing an interesting get together on the weekend after Ascension. With the holiday on the Thursday, you can join in for a long weekend that will offer a balance of nice driving, gastronomical higlights, cultural visits selected for car enthusiasts around a MGFIM themed hotel.

Every participant will also receive several roadbooks, a rally plate and several MGFIM gadgets and goodies.


As usual, the roadbooks will consist of the well known Tulip diagrams. Thus, everybody can go at his or her own speed or (if you so wish) you can follow each other to form convoys. Just make sure to arrive at the designated places in time. If you are unsure about using a roadbook, you can always get help from the team, please just ask any of the MGFIM crew.

But the most important part was to get together with people from all over Europe and have good fun.

Basic ideas of all MGFIMs:

About the costs: 

There is no fee for roadbooks, gadgets, rally plates or things like that. You simply pay for your own expenses, like meals and drinks or whatever else you need, plus the visits you wish to join. To speed things up, all this is offered to you as a package and should be pre-paid on a day-by-day basis. Detail can be found on the “Routes and Places” page.

You are also asked to book the accommodation on your own account, the links are posted on the registration page.

Don’t speak Belgian?  

No problem – nobody does! Three official languages are spoken in Belgium (Dutch, French and German), with English being widely understood as well. When you’re out and about on the twisty roads this won’t be a problem anyway. And if need be, in such a large group there will always be someone who can help out with interpreting.


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